Boys Cotton Shirts | 3 pack | Handloom Cotton | 1Yr to 8 Yr

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A 3 pack to help you save time choosing smart and comfortable clothing for your little one. Comes at a special Bundle price!

Handloom Cotton Shirt pack of 3 features 3 shirts in different colours. The style is the same for all three. 

Hip length Kurta style half sleeved shirt in Handloom Cotton for Boys.

Warning: They might not want to change out of it!

About the item:

  Made with Handloom Cotton     Does not fade    Soft and non-irritating 

 Keeps skin cool   At least 2 yrs of wear   Great for day or night    

Why we love Handloom Cotton:

A craft that is distinctly Indian, Handloom cotton is a luxurious fabric, weaving together fine thread to make a piece of fabric so light yet so sturdy. It is truly beautiful to see the various parts of a Loom working in tandem to produce such stunning fabric. Kids with their sensitive skin will appreciate clothing made with fine handloom cotton, as it keeps them cool and dry.

Size chart:

 Wash care :

Hand or machine wash with a gentle detergent (natural detergents like soap nuts are excellent for washing cotton) and hang dry in the shade. 

Return policy:

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the garment (fit or fabric damage), you can send it back and get a full refund or you can get a replacement for the same.
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