Embroidered Girls Top | Organic Cotton | 1yr to 8 yrs

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White frill top with an embroidered yoke. Easy, breathable super soft cotton top, layers perfectly well over a pair cotton shorts or a skirt.
Features flared sleeves and a small frill at the sleeve hem.

Warning: Too pretty to not wear all the time!

About the item:

  Made with 100%  Cotton     Does not fade    Soft and non-irritating 

 Keeps skin cool   At least 2 yrs of wear   Great for day or night    

Why we love Cotton:

Cotton is a fine, lightweight breathable fabric, especially great for kids. It does not irritate, chafe or cause allergic reactions like poor quality polyester can. It is sensitive-skin friendly and has long wearability. 

Size chart:

Wash care :

Hand or machine wash with a gentle detergent (natural detergents like soap nuts are excellent for washing cotton) and hang dry in the shade. 

Return policy:

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the garment (fit or fabric damage), you can send it back and get a full refund or you can get a replacement for the same.
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